12/52 - Blank Space

2018-03-24-horse-skiing-19_LR edited_web.jpg

I write this up afterwards, thus, my memory is like a blank space. But when i look at the pictures i took all the memories come back. That is what what it is good for....

We had our regular meeting with Antonia’s Kindergarten teacher Heli this week. We were happy to heat that she is very satisfied with her. She said that she is doing fine, nowadays she is not any more so focused on her (at the beginning Heli had to carry her nearly the whole day), that she loves exercises and physical activities, and that also her Finnish language is getting better. We added that she is not long patience, and that she does not like to listen to reading of books, and she agreed. Her best friend in Kindergarten is Ariana, as we know, and every now and then she would quarrel with Lucia who would get to play with Ariana. Funny that they cannot play all three of them. Antonia tries to get her head through, though, and though Lucia also has a loud voice, Antonia does not give up easily. But good to hear that Antonia is not a trouble maker and that she can also step back and play alone. On Saturdays we had another adventure: we went for horse-skiing with Marja a colleague from work, and her son Joonas. Coming from the mountains I miss downhill skiing a lot here in Finland. And cross country skiing is just a little too boring for me. Horse skiing was just the perfect mix: fun, exciting, quick, a real adventure. I enjoyed it a lot. And the horse went quite fast in the end which was great. Antonia got to ride on the horse for a short time, and overall this was really a unique experience.