8/52 - 2018: Night

2018-02-19-Kallavesi-night-campfire-18-Edit-2_LR edited_web.jpg

The sky is clear on the week-end which is idea for taking pictures of the stars. It is maybe a crazy idea to do this with a child, but an adventure looked never so good :)

Yes, I am full motivated by my course and that is why we take night pictures during the week and also on the week-end, and visit the barbecue place on frozen lake Kallavesi later in the evening when it is already dark. I was maybe the only one with a child out there at this time but never totally alone - Fins love to grill their sausages there at night. And it is a beautiful place and we both enjoyed this adventure and Antonia liked especially wearing the head-light on her head. Tanya is back by the end of the week and Antonia is overly happy. But before she returns, Antonia gets sick with the Norra virus. It is a stomac virus, ugly. Poor girl. This time, only she gets and none of us. She recovers within 2 days, and is consolidated by the toys she received from Tanya: a running dog with blinking eyes, rather creepy for me but heaven for Antonia. It is holiday week in Austria and my family gets together in Jochberg, which is why we Skype maybe 2 or 3 times this week. Antonia is eager to show all her new toys to the kids, and gets frustrated if she cannot find them. E.g. in addition to that new dog, she shows her new Frozen pyjamas (she has 2, one in blue and one in white) which she wears non-strop. The Disney movies Frozen is still number one on the Hitlist, and she can sing the songs already by heart (also wishful heart :)) and is a big fan particularly of Elsa. Otherwise frozen fits also to the weather, because temperatures drop again to minus 20 degree. It seems that winter will never end this year.