March 2018 - Storytellers Blog Circle

I am thrilled to be part of a blog circle now, the storyteller's blog circle for offset artists. Offset is a stock agency of shutterstock which focuses on lifestyle photography and authentic, storytelling images. I am glad to be part of offset since about a year.

2018-02-19-Kallavesi-night-campfire-18-Edit-2_LR edited_web.jpg

I want to share some thoughts behind the image here, and before i start, let me tell you that I took just a course on Visual Rhetoric at ClickinMoms! I would otherwise not be able to analyze that image that much! :). I highly recommend the course by the way, it is done by the amazing Courtney Larson, I learned a lot :)

So first, about the content: I wanted to particularly shoot the night sky, so the main character are the stars/milky way, To deepen the story, which is for me experiencing the beauty of the night-sky, the people barbecuing in front are important. They are so-called minor characters. This gives the image a personal aspect and hopefully makes the viewer wanting to experience the same thing.

When shooting a story, it is important to ask the following questions:

Who is it about (or who an empty scene is for): it is about the night-sky AND the people

What is happening: stars are shining brightly, and people are enjoying being outside at night and having some party (barbecue)

Where is it happening: i hope it is visible that it is somewhere in the North where is currently winter

When is it happening: during the night, also hopefully visible.

Why did the photographer capture this moment: to share with you her love for nature

Settings were: Shot with my Nikon D750, and the Nikkor 28 mm lens at ISO 250, f2.0, 8 seconds for the sky and 4 seconds for the people, later blended together in Photoshop (masked). And though there were a lot of stars in the sky, i added the Milky Way later by using a LR preset from lensdistortion (ALE forecast - stars)

Since there was a lot of post-processing involved, i doubt that offset will be accepting this image with my poor PS skills, but i will try! :)


Please follow the blog circle along and click at Rebecca's post from Hunnicutt Photography to look at and read about her storytelling image from March!

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