6/52 - 2018: Time

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Tanya and me presented each other something very valuable this week: time together

On the week-end, we met with Angelika and Francesco for some skating activity, this time without barbecue. instead, they invited us to their homes afterwards which was a really nice and spontaneous idea. Ariana and Antonia are still good friends though a little territorial at the moments and the they fight quite often for the same toys. But then minutes later love like crazy. This week we had also another doctor’s visit: the dentist. It was her first acquaintance with the dentist, and maybe that was why she was so relaxed. I have heard horror stories from other mothers whose children did not open the mouth etc. but ours was quite cool. She took her pet, asked me 100 times if she would not get an injection which i denied and finally I convinced here, found the chair movements quite exciting and whoops, opened her mouth widely. The doctor had enough time to look at everything aaaaand: found nothing. fine fine fine for position, tidiness and everything else. We are  not tooth cleaning masters but it seems to be sufficient. Finally there was a premiere this week: Tanya and me went out alone, without Antonia. Well, we were invited for “Karonka” of my PhD student Carolina Voigt, and we did not want to miss that party. We hired a babysitter named Laura (practiced one week earlier; she is very nice) and though there was enough protest, it worked. And sure thing, we will repeat this!