3/52 - 2018: Muse

2018-01-20-outlook-Neulamäki-night-23_LR edited_web.jpg

Muse: well, my muse is of course Antonia, and Tanya. I think there is not more to say :).

Because i participate in a photo-challange this year with monthly themes (this month: low light) I have been hunting for low-light pictures. That means, we went for excursion quite often at night, which was actually often refreshing and surprisingly nice. E.g. once we went for the Neulamäki lookout, once during the day and we came back late evening when it was already pitch dark. She tried to find all the vampires and witches she talks about since Halloween, but luckily was not afraid of them. It was Tanya’s idea. Antonia loved it, especially the ride down the tower with her sledge. Another day I took her to a half-island close to the city and we made a small round. The highlight however was the week-end, when we met with the Maijas and went to Puijo, actually to an old rustic farm house called Montilla where they serve good coffee and pulla. Not during the night :). The owner suggested a horse sledge ride for the children for us, and we happily agreed. That was exciting not only for the children, but also for us :).