Golden Fall

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It was the first sunlight in what seemed like ages. We had to go out and soak in all the sun-rays and enjoy the beautiful light. That is the advantage of the fall season in the North: there is golden light nearly all the day. We visited a new location i found recently: a beautiful place near Kuopio, a lonely farm, around birch forest and some empty fields. It was chilly, though. And Antonia was cooperative only half way through. But it was also our fault. We showed her the preserved pheasants on top of the wooden barren and she could not stop thinking about them and asking all the questions. Why? When? Who? She came up with her own story why they ended up here, i forgot it now, but it was sweet. But her mood was down. She demanded that I stop taking pictures and listen and explain. Poor girl….she is so sensitive. But i promised to myself that we will return.