27/52 - WATER


My trip to Siberia/Cherskii has started. Cherskii is located in the Kolyma lowland which is characterized by an exceptional abundance of water (lakes and rivers).

The first week in Cherskii has started. What should I say, it was a looooong trip. Nearly three days……until we arrived far North. We had a stop-over in Yakutia where we over-nighted in Hotel Leiner as last year….it is summer there at the moment with nearly 30 degrees. They have 2 months extremely hot summer, no shoulder seasons and then 10 months winter with down to -60 degrees. I know this because a very kind local taxi driver took us for a nearly free ride through the whole city. Generally I have a feeling that Russia has become friendlier, warmer and simply developed all in all. We had also a very warm welcome at the research station in Cherskii and spent the first few days acclimatizing, unpacking and checking our equipment for the trip. Which will take us to Duvanni Jar, somehow, somewhere, for some time and with somebody. Everything is a little bit unclear but exciting. The team is wonderful. We have fun and there is excellent mood….i am not sure if I am allowedto admit it, but i do enjoy it. I am allowed. I am missing my girls strongly, though. The messages I receive from Tanya are comforting, they are fine though Antonia keeps asking about be non-stop. But they are fine.