26/52 - MOVEMENT

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Catching her moving is not a problem since she moves permanently, non-stop.

We all had an eye infection this week. it started with Antonia and though we got antibiotic drops i had a´it also some days later. And Tanya little bit as well. In fact i still have it at the time of writing this (1 week later), while Antonia is already good. She tries very hard to  whistle now, and every now and then a small tone appears and she is very proud “sau, Mama, sau”. That shows me how strong-minded she is, because she does not give up easily. My mother keeps saying that this is good and that this will help her in life, and that she will need it :). She also received new ballerina-shoes this weeks and loves them to the end. She wears them permanently, At home, outside, in bed….true. This is also the week before my final departure to Siberia and it wasnot an easy one, i am quite nervous and maybe she feels that something is going on. She does not want to go to Kindergarten, and falls asleep later and later every day as if she would want to watch that I am here. Well in any case, i told her on Sunday that i have to leave for “arbeiten”. Then she said immediately that she also has to "arbeiten”. Lateron she would say “Antonia taurig” which broke my heart…but she kept watching her comics without a noticeable break. I have a bad conscious, and take pity about her, and Tanya, yet i cannot change anything about the situation. and deep in my heart i think that it will be good also for them to have some time together, and i also know that she will adapt quickly and the they will survive, survive very well. And that maybe I also will have a not so bad time.