28/52 - FOOD

Russian Food

Fresh salted whitefish served on a wooden chopping board together with one or two (or more?) shots of vodka. Russian traditional at its finest. It cannot get better than this

We are landed at our final destination. Duvanni Jar, the Yedoma exposures, where we will take our samples. Where we will check whether the laughing gas N2O is emitted from these permafrost soils. And much more. It is a really remote place and we are all alone with our captain Misha on a boat, from where we head towards land every now and then to do our measurements. Small cabin, little space, not much distraction beside some movies and conversion. We grow together during these daysโ€ฆ.yes, no social media, we have only us. It is nice, a rather safe adventure with the exception of a storm which we had for a few days and which was a little frightening. But everything works just fine. On the way back, we stop over at Leonit, and this guy can play the guitar so well. And he serves us very good vodka together with fresh salted fish. Life is good. And my girls are also fine back home. I call them from the top of the hill twice, where i have sometimes telephone connection and receive pictures. Everything is fine.