24/52 - BLUE HOUR

girl's feet in the water

Blue hour is a challenging theme for me at this time of the year: we have midsummer next week, which means the sun does not set at all. This one was taken 21:30 yesterday, when we enjoyed one of the rare warm evenings here.

This was a warm summer week. We went swimming, well, at least went to the lake (even several lakes this week) and dipped our legs into the water, and I even had actually a short swim. For Tanya, this is still too cold. Twice only us, once with Petja and Tanya to the Valkeinen lake, which was great fun. They were all running naked around, because we did not plan to swim but it was warm enough. And as our kid, also they do not understand the concept of swimming costume which fits perfectly. She was in her beautiful summer dress. Antonia said her first full sentence “Mama, pass auf, Fischi im Wasser dinnen”. Indeed there were small fishes and the children were screaming and running out of the water and then immediately back of course to start this game again. She started to call Tanya “Mutter”, no idea were she got that from, but she does it occasionally. And sometimes one of us is “Vater”. When playing with her animals, she usually chooses one animal as “Mama” and the other one as “Papa” (and of course, then there always has to be a baby). It is funny, she has a different family constellation herself, but still the most common one is in her head…probably from the books and Kindergarten.  Hopefully the weather stays as warm and we can continue with this summer feeling :)

girl in meadow in backlight