25/52 - Get in the frame

2017-06-20-selfies-flower-rosarot-31_LR edited_web.jpg

Why is it so difficult for me to get in the frame?

Another relatively warm week, though not warm enough for swimming outside. So, we went to Rauhalahti. And I took my underwater camera. i love it when we do something together all three of us - we have hen shared memories for times to come. Antonia LOVES swimming. She gets euphoric, courageous, and it is a real pleasure for some time. She is not afraid of the water, and loves to jump in and dive. She does not use water wings yet, we simply did not buy them yet, but carry her in the water which means paying a lot of attention for us. But it is all worth it. This week was also Juhannus (midsummer), and i think we had the best Juhannus ever. We visited Katja, a friend of ours, in Savonlinna and that was a good decision. She cooked beautiful dinner and then there was a big bonfire at the beautiful beach of Savonlinna and there were hundreds of people watching. Needles to say how exciting this was for Antonia. The fire. The ducks in the lake, the stir. There was even a beer tent and we could sit and drink a little outside until she went to bed a little after midnight, literally falling  asleep in my arms. During the night she would wake up and say simple “Feuer”. It was that impressive, for all of us. In the morning again, first words were “Feuer aus” and we had to go immediately back and check the fire (or that the fire is off). I loved it. This is how i imagine celebrations. On a side note, I took some selfies this week (visible) and I am in the "Bloom & Grow" worshop (flower images, visible). Antonia's favorite sentence is nowadays “nein, kann i selba”….and she knows it even in Russian “sama”. She knows how to swing herself because i learned her “beugen, strecken…” (bend, extend..). I think she is quick in all those motoric things, and we should not be impatient, also her language is improving constantly.