20/52 - LIGHT

child in window light

Photography is light, lines and magic.

The sun came out occasionally this week, so i could capture our little one in beautiful evening sun indoors. We have actually a very nice light in our apartment, and pretty long sun in the evening. Now that we decided not to sell it anymore, i start to like living here again with real pleasure. With the sun it has also warmed up, and i think it was this week when we finally went without a jacket out of the house. We had Pikku Pietari´s, Antonia’s Kindergarden’s, final fest before the summer-time starts. It was also the final one for Antonia, who will then continue in Pikku Saimaa, just nearby (the German Kidnergarten). At the same time, Maarit, her loved caretaker, is leaving since she moves back to Lappeenranta after a few years in Kuopio. I nearly had to cry when we said good bye. She was the best auntie we could imagine, very playful, tender, patient, funny, experienced, educative, gave kisses and hugs all the time which our girl needs so much. And they had a really good connection. She also gave us her final official “description” or statement of Antonia.  I read something like “social”, “very emotional and physical”, “strong minded” “happy”, “funny” and and and. I kept that text and translated it from Finnish to English (with Google translator) as a memory. Apropos Finnish: Tanya had her second attempt on the YKI test (Finnish test), let us see how she managed this time :)