23/52 - TOUCH

mother embracing child

I  enjoy it as long as she needs me and is willing to cuddle up :)

Some small milestones happened this week: we manage without stroller, in fact we need it only for the lunch nap during the week-ends anymore. And: there are first attempts to be without Pampers. Antonia started it herself, she discovered the under-trousers which we bought for her some time ago and likes them so much, that she wants to dress those and instead of Pampers. And indeed, at least every now and then she walks to the toilet and sits herself. Every now and then there are lakes at home now, of course, but that is normal. She has also a big idol who is already “clean”: Ariana, her loved friend from Italy/Russia, who is at the same daycare than her. She is a lovely cheerful child, and both of them obviously have similar “temperament” (which means they are very active) and wavelength. We met on this week-end and visited the zoo park together, and it was really very nice for all of us. Also Petja and Tanya (Antonia calls them “PetjaTanya”) belong to our dear friends. We were invited for barbecue this week and enjoyed one of the few warm and sunny evenings outside. Petja is extremely interested in insects and the girls were looking up to him when he found small snails in the forest. Antonia talks much less than all of her friends at same age, but slowly she is getting better. Her German includes now the word “hadigatti” and her Russian improves, at least she says “njet" now nearly perfectly and it seems she understands Tanya better and better. Let us see which language will first call our own :).