22/52 - BLACK & WHITE

Little girl waking up

Our little girl waking up. She wakes up with the best mood ever (really).

It was extremely cold this week, the temperatures fell down to 2 degree Celsius. Overall, it was the coldest May since 50 years in Finland :). This is why you see us with anorak and hats in the pictures of this week, and actually we did not go out that often rather spent time inside. and slept long on the weekend. Yes, she sleeps long as we all do, and goes to bed late, usually after 21:00. I am still carrying her when falling asleep and I know when she is not ready for sleeping: when she sings her own good night songs for herself, instead of me, actually i have to be quiet. And she grins all over her face while singing. We got a little tired from her bad eating habits, so we finally started to withdraw her from the favorite “gutties”, the yogurt suckies, literally the only food she is longing for all the time including the night. We followed the advice of Tanya’s mother and told her that the polar bear had eaten them all. It was like stopping breastfeeding for the second time, maybe not that horrible, but there were tears. But she got over it finally, and started to eat immediately better for mealtimes also at the kindergarten. She was mad at the polar bear ("Schlingel du"), i hope that she will not associate this “infamous action” with this animal for a lifetime :).