21/52 - HOPE

child sitting on a three-wheeler

Every mother hopes that their children are happy, healthy and that their dreams come true.

This week, we think a small dream of Antonia came true: we bought her her first vehicle, in this case a three-wheeler. We let her chose it, which was maybe a mistake because first it took hours and second, the chose something completely different than what we wanted (a balance bike for children) and third, it had to be color pink. What is that with girls? She certainly does not have it from us, but everything needs to be pink. Her pink shoes, in which she hardly fits anymore. She would redress whatever i chose in the morning and not leave without those ones. But back to the three-wheeler: it was exciting for the first 3-4 days, it had to sleep in the cabinet and the first thing in the morning was to get it out. She was on in inside and out, all the time. it has a handle so we can drive her without getting heavily back-pain, but she managed already to do it alone. After some days, however, it was less interesting, then less and less. And by end of the week, it was forgotten in the cabinet more or less. i think she is already too old for this one, and we should have bought something bigger. Or, the attention span of children is simply short. Well, we are learning :). We also made some nice excursions to the lake and threw stones into the water (not in the three-wheeler, but in her buggy which she now uses), eat ice cream and already tapped with the tip of our toes into the yet very cold water. which was maybe a mistake. The result was a strong cold of Antonia, and some sleepless nights. Not nice for beginning of June. But nobody would recognize that this is June, since temperature start to drop again and they predict snow for next week. Imagine.