16/52 - Parent's view

group picture children cousins barn traditional clothes

One of my thoughts/views: since we were late parents, she will likely stay a single child which I feel pity for her. I promised to myself to give her as much as possible the closeness of the big family and the togetherness with her cousins, of which she has luckily many. Picture taken technically on Easter sunday before this week officially starts, but it fits so much the theme.

We stay also the following week in Jochberg, though everybody else leaves since Easter holidays are over. The weather gets worse and worse, and it even starts to snow in the Alps. Yes, there is actually falling quite much snow, app. 10 cm, the amount which would have been needed in December. We drive a lot around for daily excursion, once e.g. to Mittersiel to visit the Tauernmuseum. It is really very nice, i can commend it especially for kids. On the way home Antonia falls asleep in the car and Tanya and me follow a small road into a small valley and end finally end on the “Weiss-see”, where a cable car leads to the Rudolfshuette which is in the middle of the glacier-world and National park “Hohe Tauern”. A really nice location and the Rudolfshuette is actually still on my bucket list.  On Tuesday, we meet babushka Dita and take her for lunch to Breitmoos. We surprise her with this idea, maybe a little bit too much, but she enjoys it and seeing her and Antonia together is all worth it. On Wednesday we drive to Kufstein for hairdresser, and meet afterwards with Mama, Katrin and kids in the Jahnstrasse. What a nice feeling to return to the place where i actually grew up. I love this apartment, it is so bright and warm. My children room is nowadays a painting room for mama, which she kindly demonstrates with the children. On Thursday we visit Karin and family which is also nice but Nicki is a little jealous and feels his empire in danger - we have to rescue Antonia from him who costs some nerves to Karin this day. Mama comes back to Jochberg for the week-end and we spend some nice days, only the four of us with evening Tv and massage (also Antonia starts to like it :) in the old living room of the grandparents ("oben"). On Sunday again Breitmoos with Oma, and half Jochberg is there. When she enters the “Stube” she calls out load “Hallo ihr Lieben! Ich lebe noch!”. And how she still lives. I have a feeling she is getting better and better all the time :)