15/52 - MOOD

Woman and child starring at the lake where mountains reflect

We are in a very good mood. Reunited with the big family, including loved mother/grandmother. Back at home in the mountains where my heart beats. Nothing more.

Finally the Easter holidays have started, and we travel to Austria on Tuesday. This time over Vienna, since we will be attending a conference lateron and leave from Vienna as well. Antonia gets really excited when we sees babushka Ulli again, and we hardly see her the first few days because she is busy with playing with her cousins. How nice that she keeps developing the connection with that place and her family. The weather is fine for the first few days, but it gets colder quite soon and we are glad that we took the fur-bag with her stroller. Saturday is Easter celebration at Sonja’s home with the traditional “Schinkenessen” (ham plate). We are invited for sauna as well and again Antonia disappears among all the children, which is nice for her and us as well. Only Tosca  is a danger (not really), so she needs to seek rescue every now and then with her parents. She is so cute in the dress which we got from Katrin. Since ALL grand-children from Ur-Oma Rita are present, it is time to take some group pictures. Some beers are flowing, and so we wake up with a little tired eye the next day for our own Easter celebration. Ur-Omi Dita is collected from the senior house, where she resides since December last year, and not so bad one might say ("Ich find es gut"). We search our baskets as every year which are “very difficult to find”. Yet, Antonia and Nikolas are friends, but the tension/competition is already tangible, let us see how it continues. :)