19/52 - COLORS

Child at the flowers market

Your color is blue. Maybe because you have blue eyes. But maybe because you are a free spirit and that reminds me of the blue color of the sky. In that way, you remind very much my father.

This theme fits perfectly for this week, since we were at the local flower’s market for Tanya’s birthday, on 14th. And there were maaanny flowers with different colors. It is a perfect setting for a photo shoot, and not only me with my camera but also the two girls really emjoyed our excursion. All those smells, shapes, textures, and of course colors. It is surprising something is growing at these cold temperatures which are still prevailing, but well, it is a greenhouse. They promise a warm June for us, let us see. Yes, it was Tanya’s birthday, and time to give her my present as well. A brand new bicycle. She knew it, ok, she even helped me chose. But still it was a nice “surprise”, and i am sure we made a good choice in the end. Hopefully motivating for doing more sports, a permanent wish of both of us. Sunday was also mother's day, our third, and we received a nice present from the Kindergarden, a painting of Antonia. The week itself was short for me because I spent 2 days in Oulu at an Arctic meeting. I was so looking forward, but unfortunately eat a bad fish soup in the train and suffered from food poising nearly the whole time. I just pulled myself together to give my talk, otherwise I was hiding in the bed. I also visited family Siljanen on the previous week-end and met their new-born Aatos. We got new clothes for Antonia, from their daughter Adonika, very sweet finnish Marimeko - style pieces (and others). She loves them, and funnily she prefers, well, girly stuff and rose colors and there were lots of them. I wonder from whom she has that, not from me. :)