18/52 - SPRING

dappled light

Spring is...when the sun has finally come out and the air is full of bright spring light.

We are back in Finland, and it is icy cold. When we left for Austria, we were sure to leave winter behind us and come back in spring. This is not the case. There is still everywhere snow and temperatures fluctuate around zero. While it has been the warmest April in years everywhere else in the world, not so in Finland or generally Europe i think. In addition to temperature shock, another shock hits us: Monday, 1st of May, is Hyvää Vappua, or “Tag der Arbeit”. And thus no Kindergarden. We are really a little disappointed, after 3 weeks with Antonia we were so looking forward to one “free” day and also to work which is waiting. :). Tanya is so kind and takes care about our little one and I can visit university, to catch up with work. Later on the week-end, there is some small amusement park (Tivoli) in Kuopio, and I take Antonia for a short visit. Otherwise, chilly week with some doctor’s visit which makes us nervous, but luckily everything ok.