17/52 - HOME

two sisters standing in front of ivy wall

Home is where my heart is and wherever my family is. An important part of my family is my sister. On the picture are her two lovely daughters Liv and Miriam.

We are leaving to Vienna this week for a conference (EGU), all three of us. But before that, we have still one nice day with Katrin, Liv and Miriam in Jochberg. In Vienna, the weather is not better and we are having not much time and possibilities for sight-seeing. The schedule with the conference is also quite tight, so this week passes with the blink of an eye. I hardly take any pictures as i notice only later-on. But generally she adapts quickly to the new apartment and environment,  and there is surprisingly not much missing of her loved cousins. Antonia also enjoys the nice playgrounds and parks in the 9th district of Vienna and continues to eat her “Fritattensoup” on a daily basis. Worth mentioning, that she learns to do the “Purzelbaum” (forward role or roly-poly) in Vienna. New words are a strong “naa” instead of nein (tirolerisch, heritage from her cousins) and “lass an!” and “einikiaufen”. Generally, there is noticeably more German now of course. Nonaned :).