Around our clocks - 9am in march

around our clock

Welcome again to our “Around the clock” blog circle, where we are documenting an hour of the day each month. For March we were documenting the hour between 9:00 and 10:00.


During the week, we are supposed to bring Antonia to Kindergarten (Päiväkoti) at 9:00. This involves sometimes dragging and convincing as shown in the picture below, but lukely most of the time not. Antonia loves her “auntie" Maarit, though she thinks that Maarit belongs to her and no one else and gets every now and then jeoulous to the other kids. But Maarit explains, and Antonia understands.. She is the best Kindergarten teacher one could imagine and she helps us a lot in educating this little piece. On the week-ends, we take it a little slower and often have breakfast around this time. Breakfast is the only meal where Antonia nowadays voluntarily joins us to the table. She eats usually a yoghurt, feeds her animals and after she has finished plays with the food. It does not look so clean as in the picture below, i can guarantee you. That is why i prefer undressing her for meals and then directly to the shower/bath. Luckily she loves to run around naked and luckily we have throughout the year a warm enough apartment. Apropos: winter is slowly withdrawing, but only very slowly. But the days are already much longer and sometimes i can catch a lovely morning light :)


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