Mother and daughter starring at the stars in the night

Adventures can happen near home

The theme of this week was “adventure” and it could not fit more. There was new moon and I finally did my long time planned night/star/milky way photos. It was a tedious planning process, with many you-tube videos being watched before hand. This is really a science as such. On Friday there was finally a suitable night predicted, clear sky and within the dark-night window where the moon is not out. We had scouted an ideal place the days before, found one and I was ready. During the scouting process we once even got stuck with the car, and luckily very nice Finnish men helped us out with a rope and their car. Uff, i was close to deleting the whole process. But of course could not ... the place was about half an hour drive outside of Kuopio which is necessary to avoid light pollution from bigger cities. We drove there late afternoon to take the pictures of the girls. And I drove there again after Antonia fell asleep at around 22:00, and took my time to take the pics. with tripod, headlamp, star safari equipped was I sitting and watching and shooting. Stars were visible with naked eye, it was wonderful. peaceful. i felt very much one with myself. Only the neighbors got a little worried what i might be doing there in the middle of the night and started inspecting my car with a dog. I got a tad scared, but luckily they went away and i sneaked into my car after everything was finished. I am satisfied with the products. In the pictures also the Milky Way is visible. Wow!! My first ever night/stars/milky way pictures. Surely not the last. But see yourself.