14/52 - FUN

20170402-Puijo-2-1_LR edited_web.jpg

With children we start to discover the child in ourselves again. This is a fun discovery and one of the best parts of being a parent, for me.

The theme could not fit better for this week, since we finally explored Puijo hill for some outdoor snow fun. This hill is in the middle of the city and some kind of recreational park, and actually reachable on foot - nevertheless, we rarely visit it. It was about time. Equipped with the sledge, our backbag to carry this little piece and 2 cameras we made a nice round. We stopped at the small farmers house where they serve coffee. They also have farm animals there and a small museum, so it was all worth it. On the way back, we were sledging up and down, 1000times (?) running after our child who obviously had great fun. We too. What a nice Sunday.