little girl in snowy parking lot

Our weather yesterday in Kuopio -Finland. Side-note: it is end of March.

It is the last week in March, and it is still snowing non-stop here in Kuopio. I experienced it the hard way also this week: i got stuck with the car while scouting locations for night photos. Tanya and Antonia were also in the car, and there were some not so polite words coming from Tanya’s mouth until we got rescued by some  kind finish men. Her tolernace for my little bit over passionate new hobby was in danger. But luckily we got rescued. This is really one characteristic of people here in Finland: they are very helpful. They stopped immediately their dinner after i knocked on the door, jumped in the car, run for stones and sand and would even offer us coffee 1 hour later after they finally managed to bring our car back to the street. Luckily nothing happened. Otherwise i was alone for a few days this week since Tanya visited St. Petersburg. I took Antonia and went swimming in Rauhalahti. I had to go down the water-slide maybe 100times, she would not want to stop. With here little water duck in hands which she always threw in front of us, hunting it the way down. She got really brave and wanted to slide all alone, but i would not let her. We had such fun. In this week, also the picture of her in front of the grapevine was finally made. I will visit this place now every season and make a picture of her in front of it. Looking forward especially to autumn, when these leaves will turn red. But first, let there be summer or at least spring :)