Around our clocks - 5pm in february

Child sitting and watching tv

Hello again from the group of lifestyle photographers documenting one hour of our day each month. In february, we were reporting 5 pm.

5 pm is somehow a transition hour in our home at least during the week because it is the time we all come home. We pick up Antonia from Kindergarden at 16:30 so she is with us. It takes time to settle and at least I have this "issue" of not be able to switch rapidly, from my sometimes stressfull daytime job at university to being a home mom and partner. So we are not against that"Pikku Kakkunen" runs between 5 and 6 pm, and children's TV program in Finish which she is allowed to watch. Time for me to prepare dinner where I can relax. During the week-end, things get a little more exciting, since we usually head out for the second outdoor activity later afternoon. In February, we were once invited for a children's birthday party as well, which was fun! 5 pm is also the time the sun sets here at the moment, so good to catch some sunset pics or low light pics. Light light light, things hange quickly here and while we had only 7 hours daylight at the beginning of february there are already more than 10 now. And I wake up not by the snow machine, but the first sun flares in my face. Together with birds singing, one can imagine that spring is maybe not yet within reach, but also not too far away anymore. Happy days! 


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