girl in front of blue house in snowstorm

I am afraid of leaving my comfort zone. Generally, but also from photography point of view. There are so many new techniques etc. I would like to try, but somehow it always takes a huge effort to start it. I feel I have to first master the basics before allowing myself to step up and get creative. Well, anyhow, I was really glad for this challenge. I looove pictures taken with lens baby. I do not have one but I tried here for the first time the plastic bag technique. It was difficult to get her in focus also because of the snowstorm, but i think i will explore this further....

I am also afraid of, or let us say strongly dislike, being sick. Unfortunately it hit me this week. And even worse: it hit all three of us. Antonia was the first feeling bad, vomiting etc., then me, then Tanya, classical. We got the Noro Virus, which is a winter stomach virus. Bad bad bad thing, if not to say horrible. I do not want to go into details, but we were suffering, and the emergency situation was of course that we were suffering all three at the same time. It took about 3-4 days, for Tanya little longer…..then it was luckily over. And all that after a very nice start of the week, a birthday party at our fellow friends Maija and Igor and their 2 kids. Petja, their son, turned 4 and we had really a nice afternoon with the children obviously enjoying each other. I think they may be her first (and only :)) friends outside of kindergarten. Happy if children of friends become friends. :)