10/52 - COLOR

Girl in red anorak

She recently changed from the rose thick snow suit into the red shorter anorak - a sign that temperatures slowly increase here in Finland, though we still far below zero. It is maybe the hardest time of winter for me, because spring seems to starts everywhere else in Europe but not here. I start desperately miss the smell and warmth of the summer and get tired of the length and monotone colors of the winter. So really a good time to add some splash of color into the pics - thanks for this challenge, it got me out shooting after a while

School holiday week in Finland, some kind of winter holiday at least half of Finland is in the cottage or skiing somewhere in the North. I noticed it only because Antonia switched the Kindergarden place and this time I even remembered which (and did not have to search one after the other for hours). Maarit, her "auntie", was there at the beginning, but then our princessa was "left alone" with newbies and not sooo happy. Above all, they were a little bit stricter and did not tolerate when Antonia took away the toys from other children. Reason for heavy protest (crying) and complaining to me when I picked her up once. We are not used to be put in our own place, and all toys are usually ours. :) I am happy somebody finally helps us in educating this little one. I was also half of the week alone because Tanya had to visit St. Petersburg, a reason to check out the new Haplop (indoor adventure park for children) together with friends. Of course big success, trampoline, slide, motorcycle they have literally everything. It is paradise for her, and I have a hard time in following really. The only difficulties we experienced were when we had to leave. I was so tired in the evening (funnily she not) and reminded myself once again to do more sport. We spent a quiet and peaceful sunday, united again. "Toja, Taja, und Mami".