09/52 - FREE

Child in swimming hall

Our free bird. Enjoys swimming so much

Another week of temperature down to minus 10 degree. It is beginning of March and no end of the winter yet in sight. That is a little heavy. To compensate this, we went swimming on the week-end in the largest swimming hall in the region - FONTANELLA. Because we all love the water a lot. And it was a good time to try out the underwater camera which we have for our work-related expeditions actually. Swimming was - as expected - a hit, she was so excited that she forgot that she actually cannot swim and jumped simply in the deep water. We were there, nothing happened. She splashed like a fish, ran around, from here to there, down the slide, on the matress, through the waterfall, into the whirl pool, she was little bit overstimulated actually. We also enjoyed it a lot and took shifts in holding the fish which gave us some time to swim/work-out, nice. Only when her lips turned slightly blue and she started to shiver we pulled her out and with protest dragged her in the sauna. Afterwards, there was a long deep sleep in the car, perfect. And the camera, what should I say, I like those over- and underwater pictures, but see yourself :)