Mother and child standing under a bridge

Welcome to our “Around the clock” blog circle, where a group of photographers is documenting an hour of the day each month!

This time we are sharing images taken between 12:00 and 13:00 in January 2017. Antonia visits Kindergarten from Monday to Friday nearly full day already so I do not see her during the week at 12 pm. But I am told that this is the time they would finish lunch and prepare the kids for sleeping. We are little bit more lazy on the week-ends and sleep longer, and have lunch later. Thus, often we are still on the road during that time. January is one of the coldest months here in Finland, and we had temperatures down to -24 degree celsius (-11 degree Fahrenheit). Cars drive on the frozen lakes now, and the harbour region in Kuopio is prepared for winter sport including ice skating. Of course we had to try it 😃 ! Of course she was more stumbling around, at 2.5 years age, but we help of a friend she soon looked like a pro :). It was great fun, there was a grin on her face fixed for a while. The lake has also a small island with a mill and dried reed, which is actually a beautiful location for taking pictures. All summer i was wondering how i can get there, and now it is so easy. Sometimes, we do make it home for lunch before 13:00. Lunch and generally eating is a sensitive topic and i could spend hours talking about it (for therapeutic reasons :)) - because I am little worried since she does not eat well at all. We cook (sometimes several dishes) she refuses. We sit and feed she plays games with us. It is frustrating. The pictures illustrates it quite well:  tasty food, a "no" from her hands and you can be sure the mouth stayed closed, at least for a while. She does eat, something, a little, sometimes, but it is a battle. All she wants is milk, water and yoghurt. She is growing normally, so yet i do not really worry, but….ok, i stop writing about that otherwise this will be a long blog 😃 After lunch she takes her nap, but this is another story.

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Child climbing a beam
Child walking in dried reed towards mill
Man and child ice skating
Roasted chicken legs with children's hands

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