04/52 - SHADOWS

Little girl standing at the window

She always runs to the window to wave good-by when I am leaving. Tanya is back in the shadows helping and holding her tight when standing on the windowsill.

Yes, she does that, it is very sweet. I know she misses me when I am gone for work. And i surely know how much she loves me. But generally her sweet attention focus has shifted a little bit recently. “Taya” as she calls Tanya has increased in popularity, I would even say she took over. It happens, e.g., in the evenings that Antonia asks me to go in the sleeping room and closes the door behind me so that she can play peacefully with "Taya". When I still get out, and try to interact, i am sometimes firmly asked to go back. Also the word "monster" has fallen in my direction already. While this is all funny and there may be some game behind (and I do also enjoy more free time i got through that),  i cannot hide that i am a little "confused". Earlier, when it was completely the other way around, i kept saying to Tanya that she should not mind and that it is natural that children focus on one person…. but i meant of course me :). Of course I am joking and I am happy for Tanya that she gets all that attention now. She also plays so nicely with her. And she also needs it as she was little sick and of course needed comfort to recover. So, indeed, with help of our sweet little one she recovered quickly and by the week-end we made already our regular car drives and restaurant visits. I was still alone for a week-end trip with Maija, Igor and family on frozen Kallavesi when Antonia tried for the very first time skating. And she loved it of course. It was a beautiful sunny day, we had also some sausages at the barbecue place and played at the mill. Great week, great week-end, great everything 😃