child running in evening light

Until recently I did not even notice all these bautifull pockets of light around us. Like in a garage as found here. I am so happy I learn more and more how to find beauty in everyday moments.

This week came and went in a rush. truly, routine caught us and it is hard to remember any details. It gets more difficult to take her from Kindergarten - she would like to stay and keep playing with me. I have to really convince her to leave and usually i bring a crying girl into the car. On the other hand, she cries also routinely now when I bring her - might be just a "sticking to everything convenient phase". Her eating habits are getting worse again, we tried to stop her yogurt suckies but after 2 sleepless night gave up. We will definitively be over it by Easter when we visit Austria. We have to be strict. We have to be generally stricter with our little sunshine as her as she is sometimes a little bit over the border. She screams immediately when she does not get what she wants which can be quite annoying. Does not listen at all sometimes. E.g. I tell ; "Antonia, do not eat snow" No result. The again:.“DO NOT EAT SNOW ANTONIA!" Also then she continues, and does not stop also if i explain her the health consequences. And these are just small examples. My mother would say she is spoiled by us. Well, might be.  Sara at Pikku Pietari thinks that it might be “the terrible two “(Trotzphase) but that it might be also her personal character. It better be the first :)