Catching up: 32/52 - A piece of my heart

children standing at the ridge of a mountain in a group belonging to a family

Mountains are definitively a piece of my heart.

We arrived finally in our โ€œfinal destinationโ€, Austria. I am traveling first alone with Antonia, Tanya will catch up later, she visits her parents in St. Petersburg now for two weeks. Katrin is already in Jochberg, and needless to say, that everybody, particularly the shorties, are in heaven. The children play, and I can have some long needed rest. And am at the same time surrounded by my loved one. We decide to take them up the mountains, and drive the Panorama Gondelbahn from Breitmoos up to Resterkogel. From there we walk a good hour walk to the Panorama-alm. Beautiful. Relatively good weather, a lake in between, good food in the restaurant, even some playground, but most importantly happy children running around: one cannot ask for more. These are the things which make me happy, which are a piece of my hear, and will be kept in mind forever and not fade away. At least in mine, and I am sure for our little ones will keep it or at least grow from that feeling of happiness.