41/52 - Portrait

three sisters standing in front of wall and the eldest is holding the youngest

Yes, it is time for a portrait of our girl, and because her birthday is coming and Mama, Katrin and the children were visiting, i take all the children at once on the shot!

Because our girl will soon turn 3 years old, we had visitors this week-end: Mama, Katrin and Miri-Liv. Mir-Liv are actually Miriam and Liv, but Antonia keeps saying Miri-Liv. No question, she was excited and extremely happy to welcome her loved cousins here in Vienna. We had an interesting, and tight program: first, we visited the exhibition "Ich und Du, Hier und Dort" about foreign cultures here in Vienna, and people coming as refugees. I think it was very well made, and Antonia loved to dress all the foreign costumes and dance to the foreign rhythms. The evening was spent in the Italian restaurant "La Mere", and besides a small accident (the red wine was poured over the table and on Katrin's clothes), all went fine and we had delicious food. The next day we went again to the Mumok, the children's museum, and participated in their clay workshop. Antonia was sleeping the first hour, then woke up but refused to play because I was not here, and only the last 10 minutes started to enjoy. But in these last 10minutes, she created cool clay figurettes (with help of Mama). Sonja joined through the program for the week-end, which was very nice. And we received maybe the best birthday present: A coupon with free baby-sitting hours from her sons Albert and Philipp! More a present for us than for Toni, but we took it with pleasure :)