39/52 - Timeless

2017-09-29-apples-church-17_LR edited_web.jpg

39/52 - Timeless. Our church in my home-village, with our daughter. A small settlement in the middle of the Alps with around 1000 inhabitants. The church, which was built several 100 years ago, seems to have no surface to which time could stick.

Of course I talk about Jochberg in the caption above. My home village, which we visited this week. We started on Thursday, after my webinar, and were supposed to join Liv's birthday party already Thursday afternoon. But we did not make it. I completely underestimated the time needed from Vienna to Tyrol with Opa's car, and a toddler in the back, and at rush hour. Better safe and slow, we thought at some point, and went directly to Jochberg. It was a very nice week-end. I heated the house until it was cosy, with fire wood, my mother was with us, and there was plenty to do in the garden. E.g collecting the apples, and fixing the wood storage place. On Saturday was the official family birthday party of Liv at my sister's place, and on Sunday mine. Yes, I also have birthday at times, and though i always announce that I will not celebrate, I am happy if we all meet. We had a small celebration at the Hinterkaiser, it was a little rainy day. Altogether we very successful week and week-end. We drove back to Vienna early morning on monday where my former boss Pertti Martikainen already waited for me. But more about this in the next blog.