37/52 - Landscape

view over vienna.jpg

In this case: City Landscape. Because we are back in Vienna! The city where I studied, the country I was born. It is a stay we waited for a long time. Needless to say that we are excited to be here :)

It is our first week in Vienna. We are euphoric. Simply love it. The weather is beautiful and we drive with our car nearly every evening around the city and outside. Opa Scholli's car: who would believe that this car would see the lights of the capital! We drive once "Am Cobenzl" and include a visit to the "Streichelzoo", of course she loves it. The other day to the "Kahlenberg" where it was windy like rocking the trees, even scary, but these days everything is an adventure and a pleasure. Also the good old playground near our home in the 9. district, and the Lichtensteinpark, the Naschmarkt, simply everything. It seems Antonia remembers this place as well, at least she looks for the cat when we eat in our loved restaurant "Stomach" and tries to find the dog in the restaurant "Zum Wickerl". It seems that we have never left here, everything is so familiar. On the week-end we drive to Gumpoldskirchen, a wine region half an hour away from Vienna, and we are in awe of the beauty of this region. And on Sunday we visit my uncle and aunt, who live in Vienna. My cousin Maschti is also there with his kids. Lisa, his daughter, is very skilled with children and gets along very well with Antonia. Thus, we have the chance to go together into the home-sauna following a fresh jump in the pool. I have energy like I have not had for some time. We are back, finally!! :)