Firework in Kitzbuhel for new year 2017

Happy new year 2017! Hyvää uutta vuotta 2017! S novim godom 2017 und Gutes Neues!

Highlight number 2 for these holidays is approaching: new year's evening or Sylvester as we call it in Austria. But before this big event on Saturday we spend a relaxing week with walks in the river's meadow or around the Schwarzsee, with drinking coffee in the cafe Kortschak in Kitzbuehel and with delicious common meals either at home (kitchen Mama) or in a restaurant. On the 26.12. we meet Katrin and her family in Gasthaus Breitmoos, and Oma Dita is also taken along. The 2 young ones went sledging/skiing at the Pass-Thurn before that meal - and obviously enjoyed it. This is maybe the only spot were natural snow is laying, otherwise there is hardly any snow, and the sun is shining without mercy so that my mother even cannot see it any more (opposite to us).  Mama & co still go skiing nearly every day since artificial snow is covering the slopes. Then finally Saturday comes, and we celebrate at home in Dagnhäusl, Michi, Karin, Oma Dita, Mama, Katharina, Sofia, Nicholas, Tanya, Antonia and me. It was a nice, relaxing party, maybe little bit too relaxing (young ones complained a little the day after) with watching TV, a firework at midnight and little dancing. It was a matching finish of a good and intense year comprising both ups and downs, but mostly ups, and i look optimistic and bright into the year 2017. Thanks to everybody for following along. I cannot believe I have finally finished my first 52 project. It was fun and will always remind me  in a unique way of that year on moments and happenings which would otherwise be forgotten. A fresh new one will follow. But for now: Happy new year and all the best for 2017 :))