Toddler in rose anorak walking along a fence
Three children jumping
Mother walking with daughter hand in hand
Teenager holding horn of deer or mask in front of head
Child hiding behind a tree in winter with breath vapor visible

Welcome to our “Around the clock” blog circle, where a group of photographers is documenting an hour of the day each month!

This time we are sharing images taken between 10:00 and 11:00 in December 2016. My pictures are random pictures which were (nearly) all taken on different days during my christmas holidays in Austria, Tirolean Alps, where I am original from. As you can see, we were lacking snow which is a pain for the skiing industry in mountain areas (though they manage with artificial snow), but i actually loved it because it was sunny and the landscape was beautiful in organic, rich colors….and skiing is anyhow difficult with a 2 years old. At this time of the day (10 am), we usually made our morning walk and were thus frequently outdoors. We walked either around the “Schwarzsee” in the famous ski village Kitzbühel which is just a leap away, or through a meadow of a river nearby or some distance up the mountains on foot (with Antonia in the carrier). Sometimes we also just stayed in the garden and played around, e.g. trying out new things, like using deer horns as masks to make some fun pictures. The large family meets here regularly with all children of my brother and sister, together 7 (and 8 with Antonia), my mother and my siblings. It is a very intensive and precious time for me, not only because of christmas and new year, but because of the togetherness which we experience in our "little" and rather isolated hut. I had a wonderful holiday and my little one had a great time. Next year will be different, because small skis are already waiting in the shelter.

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