group of children celebrating christmas

Merry Xmas

Finally the christmas week has arrived, and with it also the week when we travel to Austria. Tanya brings us to the airport, as usually I travel first alone with Antonia, and Tanya will arrive one week later - Russians do not celebrate christmas to that extent, and their christmas falls also on the 6.1. according to the old calendar. The travel was exhausting but we arrived finally in our small village Jochberg, in the middle of the Tyrolean Alps. Where bright winter sun waits for us, which had been shining already for months here in Tyrol. Only snow is lacking, as last year. There is just enough for some sledging activity in the shadow (as done with Michi's family) and for some walks through the valley. But the highlight of this week is of course christmas eve, 24th, when finally also Michi & family arrive and Antonia gets together with her loved cousins. We celebrate together with Omama Dita, so alltogether 5 adults and 6 children, so quite a bunch of people. The most joyful part is of course watching the children's eyes when singing and during the unpacking ceremony (10 minutes? maybe less :)). Antonia is very interested in what is happening, follows the unpacking ritual and gets very excited about nearly every present, no matter whose. She received a pet pony, Masha the bear as a doll from aunt Katrin, a small toy doctor's box, some children books and a new anorak….all very welcome gifts. We celebrate until she falls asleep in my arms. Merry christmas to everybody :)