03/52 - IN THE FRAME

Mother and daughter standing together under the bridge on frozen lake

A frame in the frame

Maybe you noticed that each week’s picture has a specific theme in this year, that is because I participate in a 52 lifestyle project on Facebook where we share images and shoot intentionally, e.g. with a theme in mind. This week was “In the frame”, and while I am not sure whether the picture reflects this theme very well (would be better under “leading lines) I do like it a lot and just went with it as an entry. It was taken on Sunday's walk in our alley, and we took a side-trip on the frozen lake under the bridge, where it was slippery with clear transparent ice under our legs, some noises from cars above and seemingly cracking ice below. Quite exciting and just the right excursion for adventurer Antonia. The day after we made an excursion on lake Kallavesi, to the island where the mill stands and where beautiful brown reed is still growing over winter. All summer I thought how could I get to this island, and now it is so easy. Otherwise it was cold and deep winter here this week. The later part of the week was dominated by all three of us being sick, mostly Antonia whom we brought to hospital with over 40 degree fever on Friday. Diagnosis was influenza, and also Tanya got fever on Saturday and I had to keep the position, though also not top fit. That was real horror, when all are sick, i thought i go crazy. But Antonia recovered quickly and she was healthy already by Sunday. Playing doctor all over the day with her newly learned skills from hospital (mainly taking a blood sample with her toy doctor's box and applying a plaster:).