01/52 - FRESH

Woman throwing snow in the air in front of mountains

When your baby falls asleep on the car ride to the location - you have to work it out without that fella. Fresh snow in the mountains, not falling from the sky but the other way around

Here we are again - in the new year 2017! I am just grateful at this very moment that we have come this far, that we are healthy, happy and generally HERE…I am not a big fan of resolutions, but if I have one it would be "appreciate all that I have". May it be a good year 2017 or a challenging one, hopefully more on the joyful side…..i will flow with it, and i am excited for what it will bring. It started well, with all of us celebrating in our beloved Jochberg. We spent nearly the whole first week 2017 there, a little senior party for new year but relaxed just how it fits. On the first of January we were traditionally at the new year's party in Kitzbühel, after a beautiful excursion to the Hintersee…then one more week in sunny, Austria with only a few degrees below zero, one skiing day, and a walk around the Schwarzsee. She got her second haircut by Regina, this time it went smoothly and she seemed to even enjoy it (remember last time? pure horror). By the 4th even the last snow melted in our garden and we could not drag Antonia anymore over the snow with the sledge. We left on the 5th, exactly when the winter came finally…Mama had to dig a path free from snow from the house door to the street early in the morning so that we could leave - it was that much. Antonia was still sleeping, and was quite cooperative on the trip back. This time she kept asking a lot for Kati, Sofi and Nika, let us see how long she will remember….welcome to the fresh new year 2017!