Das ewige Meer

...cannot translate this correctly into English, but this is what this picture reminds me of. We are coming towards the end of our holiday, with increasingly cloudy weather but rather constant sunny mood. The final band-aid was taken off the finger and though swimming is not anymore on, Antonia can play in the sand and little also in the pool. We will return, Caorle, and defy all the Austrian tourists, because nevertheless it was a relaxing holiday and actually a quite nice city for all three of us. We found also some places for shopping, undeniably (looking at my wallet). The final days in Austria are also quite calm, though little sad to say good-by. For the record, I have to add to my previous blog post that Antonia can now also name many body parts (e.g. "Augi", "Mund", "Happa" for Haare, "Nas" or rather "nose", "Handi", Fussi" and some more) and some animals (e.g. "Maus", "Bรคr", "Wawa" which is dog, "Vogi" and some more) including sounds (especially "zzzzz" for the snake) already in German. But German will soon be past for a while, we return to Finland on Saturday, terve and heippa-hei.