Our long-sought holiday to Caorle starts finally. We take Opa Scholli’s Ford Fiesta and zoom in a wink of an eye to the upper Adria, Caorle, one of the holiday places of my childhood. Never I wanted to return, but now with a kid, things have apparently changed. After our last year’s holiday on a stony beach, we chose a sandy beach. After our last year’s holiday with self-catering in a bungalow, we chose a full board holiday in a normal hotel with pool. Everything classical, provincial, but to save the nerves and to make this holiday more relaxing than the last one. And it works: since she likes it, we like it as well. We fully enjoy this week, finally we three of us together, get excellent food and some hot days with swimming in the sea, massage at the beach, coconut in the sun, Aperol at the pool etc. It also does not (yet) matter that the weather is not as good as we hoped for. The only drawback is Antonia’s finger, which gets infected again after the first day playing in the sand. She needs to stay out of the water and sand for some days, a little pity. But she anyhow enjoys this place, and runs around naked most of the time, and by the end of the week the finger is fine again. She starts to each better (pizza, pasta), which I have to mention because it is such a rarity. By the end of the week she says without accident “ciao” and increases thus her vocabulary significantly. Now she can say “gut”, “weh”, “nein” (her favorite!), “baba”, “gaga” (for empty), “mogen” (for good morning”, “nak” (for good night), “amo” (for again), and she can sing her favorite songs like Heidi, Biene Maija or "My bony is over the ocean". The residual Finnish is “nuku” (for sleep) and the residual Russian is “davai” (for hurry up, also favorite). So German is in the lead at the moment :)