Hot, hot, hot

Tanya arrives and a heatwave hits Austria. This week is thus full of swimming, water, sun bathing, ice cream eating, river walking and such. Usually, we visit "Jochberg Waldschwimmbad" in the mornings, rest for lunch like real southern people do (including Mittags-schlaf, if the child lets us) and visit Black-Lake at the evenings. After 16:30, when payment stops (not that this time has anything to do with our arrival :)). Occasionally, Oma Dita joins for Black-Lake, though she prefers the Steuerberg because they have delicious cake there. On Saturday, we finally meet there Gerhard and his mom and girl-friend, Antonia is delighted about male company and excellent play-mate. On Friday, Mama cooks the delicious white mushrooms and chanterelle which we collected the day before. On Wednesday is the famous yearly barbecue happening with steak and lamb chops. I do not know why i report this week in reversed chronological order, sorry. In any case, we are so many this week (actually all) that we remind more a big Italian family sometimes. Especially during mealtime, when everybody talks criss-cross and I wonder how all of us can actually talk and listen at the same time. Poor Tanya, must be a Biasi-shock after her hermit time in St. Petersburg, I think it takes some days to get used to it. But luckily she has Oma Dita who talks with her even though she does not speak one word in English. Surprisingly, our 2 pets of the family, Antonia and her cousin Nicholas, are, how should it put it, not kiss-kiss, but more like cat and mouse and fight for the pre-eminence. Nikka wins often as he is physically stronger, which he shows clearly to Antonia. Antonia knows yet only one recipe: crying desperately for help; I will have to teach her some defense strategies soon. But maybe she will find them herself, maybe I should teach her, don't know, I think about it later, first I enjoy the summer in my time off from home-office.