Bednaja malenkaja devochka

…means “poor little girl”in Russian. And this is what she is these days. This primal scream in this picture illustrates it quite well. First, we have our virgin hair cut. Waxing moon, good signs for a dense hair in future, everything seemed perfect. Armed with my camera I thought to get some lovely pics for the album. I thought wrong! This little thing cried like hell, she thought that we cut her arms or legs or something. I had to hold her all the time (so could not take one picture by myself), and calm her down as good as possible. But for her defense, she had already a sore finger by that time. It got worse over the course of the week and needed to be even operated on Friday. First full narcosis for this poor thing, followed by 3 days in the hospital. What happened? We do not know, maybe some dirt or sand got under the nail, and an abscess formed. It was not fun in the hospital, with antibiotics intra-venous she could move only within a radius of ca. 1 meter, and was on top of that not allowed to leave the room. Tight conditions, for all of us. By Sunday she was finally better. I deleted my conference participation, no question. I hope we can realize our holiday plans to Italy.