Black-Lake and cousin Philipp

Antonia and me settle nicely, and due to the weather warming up we go occasionally swimming to the Blake Lake in Kitzbühel. It is the famous Schwarzsee where the high society meets, and it is not for the first time that we swim together with Arabella Kiesbauer. But for Antonia this is of less importance, more important is cousin Philipp for whom she develops a special weakness. He is the 12 year old son of my own cousin Sonja. “She likes me really, and I like her as well”, he tells. How nice. They play with each other at the playground leaving me some well-deserved piece. She touches his chin in the car as i see through the back-mirror from the driver's seat. My mother also joins regularly to the Black-Lake. Saturday is a specially hot day which we use to swim in the river “Ache” on the way to the restaurant “Alte Wacht”. Antonia stays a little too long in the ice-cold water, and cries heavily suddenly when her feet start to hurt. Antonia, Antonia, sorry but this blog I about her and serves the purpose of memory-keeping for us. So I go on… In the “Alte Wacht” she gets her Fritattensuppe – the only warm meal which we mange to give her on a regular basis. She is still heavily on the “suckies” and a bad eater all in all, but my feeling is that it is getting better. As I keep telling to myself already for a long time. Her German improves and she exchanges “heihei” with “tschüss” and “ei” with “nein”. This week we wait for Tanya who will arrive on Sunday.