Mountains calling

We arrived in Austria on Sunday, and it felt like I had never been gone anyways. The smell of the mountains, the freshness in the air in the mornings, and those green meadows everywhere, it is so deeply burned in my mind, though I live already abroad for more than 10 years. I am also happy it is Antonia’s home country, what should I say, I am born and raised here. Antonia seems to recognize everything as well, she knows all the ways around and recognizes our people, my mom, sister, brother and everybody else. It takes only a few days until she completely “arrives”, and she obviously enjoys it. Running around in the garden, playing with her cousins, swimming, sitting on the top roof of the garage, fooling around, from morning to evening. She is happy. She has a special bondage with my grandmother, our Oma Dita (Edith) who gave her second name. it is really touching how Antonia cares about her, kisses her, rubs her legs, sits on her lap and tries to help her walking with the sticks. My 96 years old grandmother, whom I love so much and who sadly just lost her husband. I hope this little kitten will give her some happiness back in those days we are there. The weather is not a good as we hoped for, but it does not matter at all, there is plenty of things to do. By the end of the week I head to Kufstein for a class re-union (25 years, wow). Antonia sleeps with Oma Ulli and both experience a little rough night, but survive. And my class re-union was very nice, to tell it in Tatjana’s words: we are all still the same, just a little better. :)