Soon I am back

The situation is getting better and better, I am doing fine, they are doing fine, maybe even too fine, there seems to be no missing at all. Tanya also points out that there is finally no mess.  And that she can finally do it her way, which works also very well. Mmmhhh....good, good. Antonia sleeps now also better and starts to eat slowly more solid food, e.g. porridge in the mornings. Tanya cooks for her, nice. And one more achievement: she starts to use potty. Not only small business, more and more also big one and she reports with pride when she produces something and they would together put it in toilet and Antonia says “heihei” which means good-by when flushing. Sorry I have to report this in detail, but it is such a milestone and I am very proud, well done, Tanya. Another word appears: "nukku" which means sleep. She drops it when she gets sleepy, Tanya reports. Tanya also says that she usually falls asleep on the couch or wherever she sits when she gets tired. Tanya brings her then in the sleeping room to bed. In the night, she turns around quite much and usually they wake up in completely different position. Once this week she also has some diaper rash and I can hear her crying in the background when Tanya calls. That nearly breaks my heart. Luckily a creme which we received from Katrin helps her quickly and I soon receive some pictures of her playing around. Still no skype or telephone contact between us, it is better that way. By the end of the week, I start to miss her and Tanya badly. Soon I am back.