We survive - quite well

It is really happening – I travel to Siberia. I can report about this and the next week only from what I hear from Tanya about Antonia, and will post the pictures she sends me via phone. We decided not to skype or call, to not confuse her too much and make it easier for everybody. The first three nights are pure horror, she wants to drink all the time and cannot sleep, cries much and is simply unhappy. I do not envy Tanya. She tries to calm her down as much as she can, plays with her through the night manages to put her to sleep every now and then. She refuses water, instead drinks some yoghurt. Apparently, the fourth night is the first better one, when she sleeps for some hours at once. Strangely enough, she does not start to eat more during the day; Tanya hears as always “it was good day, but she did not eat” from day-care. At home, up to 10  yoghurts. It seems she compensates the milk with that. Tanya brings her to day-care by bicycle, which works fine. She is also not against going there and towards the end of week one  everything seems normal to Tanya, even good, they have fun, and play a lot. Tanya does bodypainting, eats ice-cream with her and regularly makes some excursions in the later afternoon. At the week-end, there is circus in town and guess who watches the program? Toni and Tanya. Apparently she is happy and enjoys it a lot. My worries that my absence will lead to a small catastrophe were thus not confirmed, luckily. My journey also goes fine and after first few days strong missing I sink into my work and am quite busy and can also enjoy it – even quite a lot. We have internet on Samoylov which allows me to call Tanya via “what’s up” regularly and get all the news. Unfortunately, I receive also the message that Opa Scholli dies on 21.7.2016. That makes me sad and I wish I could participate the funeral and be with my family. Again such news when I am on remote field-trip. We lost a very kind and selfless person. I more or less rest for a day. Everybody is of course also sad at home, but we re-assure us that he had a long, happy and healthy life, that he was ready to go, and that he did not need to suffer. Luckily I will visit soon Austria, but first let’s finish this field trip to Siberia and survive these two weeks. At this time, it seems that all of us survive quite well.