Getting ready

I was half of this week alone, since Tanya had to visit St. Petersburg. We spent actually some nice days together, me and Antonia, which I really wanted and needed shortly before my trip to Siberia. I am suffering, if i could i would like to delete this trip. 2.5 half weeks, how will she, how will I survive? On top of that she will stop breast feeding, one and for ever. Poor child, horrible mother. But i know, it is time, and Antonia also simply does not eat very well I hope it will get better. But this week was calm, i think Antonia does not notice anything. We had only 1 day Kindergarten, since we want to spare the day-care days for the time when I am away. I brought her to university and could even work during her sleeping hours at lunch. We visited Rauhalahti and went swimming. When Tanya returned, we went all together by bicycle to the playground and fed again the ducks. I made many pictures from me breast feeding, because I want to remember it. I told her that I will leave for some time, and that I will come back soon and that I love her and that she simply has to wait. And that she should behave well with Mama Tanya. I am not sure whether she understands. But I know if she could she would tell me, don’t worry, everything will be fine.