This week is all about joy and trying to capture it in full. Despite rainy days, we are joyful or simply happy to have this summer, though holidays have not even started. We visit the playground many times, watch the horses, and stuff. Joy has also captured us....which is not too difficult with a toddler running around, who has a new friend: wawa or little Dackel (Taksa). This little wooden dog on wheels and a rope joins us for every walk nowadays. Finally she also has one of her favorite dogs. People smile at us, but i think it is sooo cute. And made walking with Antonia much easier, since she still does not like to sit in the stroller. We bought extra a new lighter version, a so-called Baggi, but yet not so much success. But did i tell that riding by bicycle is finally working with her since she has accepted the helmet? Well, the trick was that we have to use one ourselves. We look now like 3 mushrooms, but it does not matter. :))